Dylan Cooper

Dylan Cooper

Home town: Canberra, Australia
Born: Bariloche, Argentina in 1979
Currently living: Canberra, Australia
Team: Rockstar Racing
Club: CORC

Likes: Being challenged and learning about myself.

Why mountain biking: It’s a sport with various demands and something you can never perfect. There’s always something to learn and MTBers are generally great people to be around.

Worst part: Getting injured or sick when you’re keen to get out there.

Worst career moment: Getting ill for 6 years and having to wait what seemed like forever to get back into riding and racing.

Favorite food: Everything basically, but mainly spicy food like Thai, Vietnamese and other Asian food…

Favorite reading:┬áNon-fiction, like biographies of interesting people. The paper’s always good for kicking back. But I need to read more.

Favorite music:┬áLately I’ve also been getting into dance and faster stuff.

Best idea of having good time: Having house parties with all the people I like. And acting immature without feeling bad.

Most respected mountain bike riders: Anyone who steps on the start line and isn’t scared to have a go and hurt a bit, regardless of how fast they go. I see a lot of people just commuting or riding for fitness on the streets on crappy bikes – that’s often more inspiring than watching people race.

Favorite riding: Anything tricky/technical, up or down.

Advice to beginners: Especially for young kids – ride for your own good reasons, not for other people’s motivations. And not for the sake of trying to be ‘sponsored’. Find that point at which you’re challenged, but not so far that you hate going out there. For anyone – don’t expect to be good right away. Not many people are experts without working hard to get there.

Typical Training week: Riding with a variety of people, learning from them and having good chats, except when I’m trying to smash myself!